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Download the 2021 training schedule in the pdf format here.

Formal vocational training

Licence No. 005048 issued to Inspekta, UAB by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania grants us the right to implement the following formal vocational training programmes:

  • Mobile crane operator modular vocational training programme;
  • Tower crane operator modular vocational training programme;
  • Gantry crane operator modular vocational training programme;
  • Bridge/overhead crane operator modular vocational training programme;
  • Lifting platform and machinery operator modular vocational training programme;
  • Loading crane (hydraulic manipulator) operator modular vocational training programme.

Individuals who successfully complete the training are awarded with qualification and academic achievement documents in the format approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport: certificate (3106); vocational training diploma (4102).

Europass certificate supplements (LT/EN) are also issued.

A licence to implement formal vocational training was issued to Inspekta Con, which is a company of the Inspekta Group.

Vocational training

Our training centre provides vocational training and qualification development courses. Students acquire general and specific professional knowledge and develop their practical skills.

Inspekta experts and specialists boasting many years of professional experience participate in the training process. Students are provided with latest and most relevant information and practical examples related to operation of critical safety equipment, inspection of the condition of such installations, conformity assessment of the installations, organisation of hazardous work and adherence to occupational safety and health requirements.

We provide training in the following fields:

Qualification development

We offer qualification development training and seminars to persons who work with critical safety equipment, engineering systems, occupational safety and machinery safety.

We provide training on the following topics:

The training is provided by Inspekta Con, UAB.

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