Engineering services for buildings and the construction industry

Engineering services for buildings and the construction industry

The Building and Construction Engineering Services Group provides the highest standards of construction maintenance services for buildings under construction and renovation, as well as construction safety and health coordinators on construction sites.

We carry out annual and non-routine periodic technical inspections, technical and energy audits of buildings in operation.

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Technical supervision of construction of buildings

Certified specialists carry out the technical supervision of construction of buildings (from the start of construction to the recognition of the building as suitable for use), the purpose of which is to supervise whether a building is being constructed in accordance with the building design and requirements of the respective construction contract, laws, other legal acts, normative technical documents regulating construction and normative documents regulating safety and intended purpose of the building. We also provide professional consultancy services.

Technical inspections of buildings

Certified specialists carry out periodical inspections of the condition of buildings according to STR 1.07.03:2017. The inspections involve visual checks of the main structures of a building, recording of any identified defects and emergency or collapse risks and provision for measures to rectify them, and visual checks of the condition of fire safety equipment and of the sanitary condition of premises and the environment.

Technical audits of buildings

A qualified team of engineers and technical specialists identifies and assesses the current condition of structures and engineering systems of a building and compliance of the main elements of a building with construction (buildings) technical requirements enforced in the Republic of Lithuania and provides professional recommendations for eliminating any non-compliance.

Energy audits

We carry out energy consumption analysis for buildings, technological processes and installations, which enables customers to provide for cost-efficient and technologically acceptable measures for reducing energy costs.


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